First post 8D! I've been too lazy to clean my desk up so I'm without a scanner at the moment so you get to enjoy these lovely digicam pics!

This is pretty old actually.. I have no clue when I drew it but I like the nose and eye : D
Doodle of Ophelia. I like her face, everything else is kinda crap though. I'm too lazy to draw two eyes anymorewtf.

OC doodle from.. a while back.

lollololkdjsfkl I suck sorry guys :[ I'll doodle more just so I can post here 8D


spork said...

;lkjasfd wtf wayah you draw faces so awesome like mouths wtf. DDDD:

anjii said...

womg yeah nice faces seriously *Q*

Rin said...

It's truuue the faces are so good. I like the second sketch <33

megglies said...

wayyyaaah ksjdsd, that second and third one are awesome *^*

marika said...

dude you draw soo cool *_* i'm so jealous~