lol notetaking

I probably won't be doodling this much in class, as the past couple days were just orientation things. XDBarnabus looks like he's all SERIOUS BUSINESS with his phone.

... Ghetto Cee? XD
I actually doodled this one on the plane coming home from Montana... just too lazy to scan it until now.


Kayiko said...

LOVE THEM LOVE THEM LOVE THEM!! EEEE you make me want to sketch Cee and Kayi hanging out and everything. hahaha and mmmm Stop making your men so hot!

megglies said...

i looove this one >A< cee is so cute.

er!n said...

I LOVE IT X) zomg.
i have like,
A SURPRISE FOR SPORKY. but you'll have to wait a bit XDD;;;

Divi said...

So cute ♥ I love them all
Cee's always has the most awsome outfits.