yummy gaia commishes ♥
anyone got any new year's resolutions? :0



tralala, pchating last night. i decided it was time for me to post again. nothing serious D:/

some girl. i dont know who she is, but i like herrr. i might keep her for something *^*

the other people in the pchat were like, oo, draw a vampire 8DDD. i dont draw vampires, so i was like, uuh, ok D8 shes got a huge head! 8D and she looks like shes drooling, but its actually blood.

ohoh, and we should all pchat 8D we can make our bannermajig that waaay. just IM me and i'll link you to a nice one :>



It takes me forevvverr to figure out how to log on >>;;
Anyway I wanted to post to tell you that my username is spelled wrong on the right 8D;; It's Sora.koi not Sora.kai D:

Not a really good sketch but okay 8D
YAY I'm done with my portfolio but I still have to take pictures for slides, finish apps, and get slides/prints, uhhh and do my essays. So there's still a lot to do but at least the arting part is done (except for Cooper *headdesk*) _D_

Some sketches that will be included in the portfolio~ resized like crazy though.

Yea, I'll post more normal stuff later. >_>

lols sorry i forgot to make it possible to click to make the pictures bigger 3: i suck haha



i give you a doodle thing too n_n;



HIII! Yeah I haven't posted yet, but that's cause I'm lame and stuff. Haha...seriously. I don't save my doodles...must get out of that bad habit! XD

BUT anyway, I decided I'd actually maybe look for ones I have saved and post them! This one is of Zuko I randomly drew...even though I rarely watch Avatar. Though I did see the season finale, and was angry at him. Still I drew him anyway. His huge face scar was tempting me so bad.

Trust me it's a sketch D< And I abandoned it. Blah.

Anyway, this next one is Naruto. With popsicle sticks. Yup...I was bored in um, speech class.

I need to draw more. *cries in a corner*


blah blah blah..

GAH, I want a new layout for my lj SO BAD. I just made a new one yesterday, and it seems like everytime I try out new blog sites THEY ALWAYS HAVE TO CHANGE UP THE HTML/CSS ON ME. *FUME FUME*

Anyway, I have sketchynesss. I don't know how many of you like MCR, but I was watching their "Welcome to the Black Parade" video the other day and this was the part that caught my eye the most. I was like, "LOL WTF that would make a cool pic" sooooo I went sketching.

If I don't see you before then ;0


Is that some theme I see starting?

I finished up my Figaro picture yesterday, and thought it'd be fun to draw all of my characters all... dressed fun with some sort of fruit theme! Like Figaro had his oranges and whatnot! 8D

So here's Cee, with an apple kind of thing going on! I always have trouble with drawing the underside of feets though. But I still think it's kind of cute! X>

I'll probably wait to work on this though. I'm going up to my gramma's for Christmas tomorrow, and I don't think she has the interwebs there, so I'll have plenty of time to work on it. XD

Sooo in the meantime I'll just... keep sketching or something. I do have a website layout that I need to doodle for, after all. XB


Woo! I got the other two sketched out! I usually never draw these guys, so I'm surprised I actually went through with it and finished them. X3
So the first one is Lin~! She's got limes~! I'll probably add more needles, I just thought it'd be fun to have her spinning one on her finger. XD
And the last one is Tuyen! He's a strawberry, because he's got bright red hair! This one was superfun to draw, because he's so energetic. X3

There's actually another theme in all these. They're all shown with any weapons/abilities they have. Like Figaro has his lightning/sword, Cee has her... energy... things, Lin has her needles, and Tuyen has his giant wrench!

Fun fun fun!


mmm, its finally getting cold

Karo HATES cold weather. Midori however, quite enjoys it. ♥

sketch dump timeeeeeeee.

EDITTTTTTTTTTT. the colored version is now on dA :0


New, first post

Wheee Spork asked me to join and i told her i would think about it.. Had some crazy stuff going on.. wush.. Anywho, im happy to be here and to see all the yummy art already posted. I guess i'll add something

This is my geiko (What they call geisha in Kyoto) to be girl Yuriko. She is a maiko.. which is a geisha in training.. They are usually the more colorful ones you see. What gives them away are the red colars of their kimono's and they have a long obi instead of the square things that sit on the backs. (its the thing that ties around the waist and knots in the back..) Kina from DA made a girl to go with her..

Thats all for now.. =9 i must go look at the other artist around here.
So I doodled last night at like... 2AM during a retarded fight with insomnia. XD

It's a Figaro! I've been messing with his hair and stuff, because it's supposed to be all... wild and messy and uneven ETC, but lately I'd been drawing it all Suave commercial. XD

Loading it in Painter and inking as we speak. Or, more like, after I do my usually getting ready for the day stuff. XD

Holy crap!

The layout changed color!

Whoever did it... it looks super! 8D

i've been drafted! :0

by teh lovely spork. ♥ i never thought i'd be joining... i'm SO excited about it though. i've been watching this blog for quite a while... GAH i'm so happeh :'D

so i guess you guys need some goods. ♥ just a quick oekaki i think will do.

can anyone say, GENE SIMMONS?
i didn't mean to make her tongue THAT long... hehe... ^^;



Hi everyone! 8D I don't have really anything to post but I don't want to be the only one who hasn't D8
So this is really a wip with lineart & gray shading C:

I'll go sketch something and put it here later D:


yuh I'm back... again Dx
with no pencil work... again D;
lol I'll go straight to it.

bw things XD; gaia stuff ahahahaaa
first one is a friend's char tho o:

and some pchat crap!! the first one was randosketch thing.
second coloured one, I tried solids :'c

ok and this last thing is a concept sketch for a short comicky thing I'm planning D': it sets the general mood.... I think.



Here! Have some sketches! D8

A Figaro... just out of the shower or something. Although I don't know why he'd already have his glasses on. XD

Lin~ I may actually ink/color it someday. I need more good pictures of her. XD

Future deviantArt ID. I really am that cranky looking. XD

This sketch I've been working on WTFforever. It was a huge pain to get the perspective right, and I know it's still not even 100% right, but I don't care anymore. I had to get Mari, Molly, and Wayahs to help me get things sort of passable. XD

I'll actually be finishing this though. Don't mind that dock they're sitting on, it's angled wrong and everything and I'll do all that in Painter. XD



A sketch and a Naruto WIP and a random Naruto~~~ I'm still not used to how this thing works X_X haven't used blogger in years orz but YEAAAA :D The sketches are from a few months ago but the WIP is really recent~
Ok, that's all I have for now... XD HI GUYS I'M MARI IF YOU DON'T KNOW WHO I AM~ Nice to meet you. LOL :D


yeah so I'm like.. rly bored because it's the morning and I forgot how no one's on in the morning :'D
so i'll spam this place again!

umm kinda wip but I'ms lazy to finish it xD;
and, actually this is quick gaia commission, but it's doodly and stuff so whatever.

I'll scan pencil stuff... someday... I swear.


omg hi. :D

so uh.. yeah. :D i'm new here and i guess i should post some pictures? o3o;

this is my wip. the lineart was done by enduro on DA. the lame colouring that's not done yet was done by me. XDD i must find some time to finish it and apply a decent background. i was thinking about.. an ancient palace hallway kind of feel, with stairs and lots of windows? ouo;

and then.. i wanted to draw pink and domo together. o3o i saw this adorable hat and i really really reaaallly wanted to draw someone wearing it. TuT
i tried and failed. T^T doesnt look so good. XD
..er yeah. xD; thanks for megs for inviting me here, lol. i like how easy the uploading thing is. XDD i see megs and anjii and sora and pochi. 8DDDD <33>


HEY GUYS! i decided to draw the bannnnerrr 8DD but before i start, i need a picture of one of your OC's, yourself, or whatever you want in the banner :> no RL pics, i hate going by those :C


First post 8D! I've been too lazy to clean my desk up so I'm without a scanner at the moment so you get to enjoy these lovely digicam pics!

This is pretty old actually.. I have no clue when I drew it but I like the nose and eye : D
Doodle of Ophelia. I like her face, everything else is kinda crap though. I'm too lazy to draw two eyes anymorewtf.

OC doodle from.. a while back.

lollololkdjsfkl I suck sorry guys :[ I'll doodle more just so I can post here 8D

lamb legs?

yeah um so. I don't have any recent pencil crap scanned D':
but... digital crap is okay right?! I'll delete if not 8D
pchat crappooooo~


wow this spacing thing's pretty weird. I kinda like how uploading works though, kinda.


I guess I'd better post some stuff too. XD

Barnabus flood~!

Something from 100000 years ago in my human relations class.

Studying~ I draw such boring, mundane things. X3

I should be working on getting my Christmas cards sent out. D:



lolz, ok. the bloggy felt a little empty, so i drew something real quick.

Corby is a major stuckup, pornfreak hottie. i wouldn't mind marrying him, much less his picture. he belongs to camille aka Qthelights[although she changed her name to cameal :B ]
i will draw more ;3; /salute/


Ummm, what up, bloggers? I will... give you some pictures now! OKAY!
I guess... you click on them and they get bigger? I am new to this madness.

Fairy Tale Ending characters, because I'm trying to draw everyone.

...ok bye!