YAY I'm done with my portfolio but I still have to take pictures for slides, finish apps, and get slides/prints, uhhh and do my essays. So there's still a lot to do but at least the arting part is done (except for Cooper *headdesk*) _D_

Some sketches that will be included in the portfolio~ resized like crazy though.

Yea, I'll post more normal stuff later. >_>

lols sorry i forgot to make it possible to click to make the pictures bigger 3: i suck haha


er!n said...

You are SO good at drawing figures. Your sense of knowing where to shade and when to put a highlight is amazing, it really brings out detail in the faces and such. X3


Okami no Miyavi said...

*O* Lovely sketches! I like your way of drawing hair ;3

wayah said...

dfaslkkdjfal;d stop being so awesome DX *commands*