omg hi. :D

so uh.. yeah. :D i'm new here and i guess i should post some pictures? o3o;

this is my wip. the lineart was done by enduro on DA. the lame colouring that's not done yet was done by me. XDD i must find some time to finish it and apply a decent background. i was thinking about.. an ancient palace hallway kind of feel, with stairs and lots of windows? ouo;

and then.. i wanted to draw pink and domo together. o3o i saw this adorable hat and i really really reaaallly wanted to draw someone wearing it. TuT
i tried and failed. T^T doesnt look so good. XD
..er yeah. xD; thanks for megs for inviting me here, lol. i like how easy the uploading thing is. XDD i see megs and anjii and sora and pochi. 8DDDD <33>


anjii said...

that hat is hilarious XD
you didn't good job of it yo >:B

spork said...

I really like the pointy elbows on the second one~

It's cute. X>

megglies said...

ooooh, i like you WIP 8DD

yourwelcome 8>

marika said...

dude your coloring WINS *_* i loves it~