Is that some theme I see starting?

I finished up my Figaro picture yesterday, and thought it'd be fun to draw all of my characters all... dressed fun with some sort of fruit theme! Like Figaro had his oranges and whatnot! 8D

So here's Cee, with an apple kind of thing going on! I always have trouble with drawing the underside of feets though. But I still think it's kind of cute! X>

I'll probably wait to work on this though. I'm going up to my gramma's for Christmas tomorrow, and I don't think she has the interwebs there, so I'll have plenty of time to work on it. XD

Sooo in the meantime I'll just... keep sketching or something. I do have a website layout that I need to doodle for, after all. XB


Woo! I got the other two sketched out! I usually never draw these guys, so I'm surprised I actually went through with it and finished them. X3
So the first one is Lin~! She's got limes~! I'll probably add more needles, I just thought it'd be fun to have her spinning one on her finger. XD
And the last one is Tuyen! He's a strawberry, because he's got bright red hair! This one was superfun to draw, because he's so energetic. X3

There's actually another theme in all these. They're all shown with any weapons/abilities they have. Like Figaro has his lightning/sword, Cee has her... energy... things, Lin has her needles, and Tuyen has his giant wrench!

Fun fun fun!


er!n said...

*kidnaps him*

megglies said...

cee's pose is so cuuute *^*