Here! Have some sketches! D8

A Figaro... just out of the shower or something. Although I don't know why he'd already have his glasses on. XD

Lin~ I may actually ink/color it someday. I need more good pictures of her. XD

Future deviantArt ID. I really am that cranky looking. XD

This sketch I've been working on WTFforever. It was a huge pain to get the perspective right, and I know it's still not even 100% right, but I don't care anymore. I had to get Mari, Molly, and Wayahs to help me get things sort of passable. XD

I'll actually be finishing this though. Don't mind that dock they're sitting on, it's angled wrong and everything and I'll do all that in Painter. XD


anjii said...

I love how you sketch D: the joints are all exaggerated and cool *_*

haha your self portrait, such an art student XD *pokepokepoke*

megglies said...

pff, the perspective looks awesome on the last one 8DD ngggh, and ink the girl one. looks cool *^*

er!n said...

Are you kidding? I love the perspective :>

Kayiko said...

aaaaahhhh!!!! Lin boobies look sooooo hot!!!!! Oh gosh. mmmm sketches =9