New, first post

Wheee Spork asked me to join and i told her i would think about it.. Had some crazy stuff going on.. wush.. Anywho, im happy to be here and to see all the yummy art already posted. I guess i'll add something

This is my geiko (What they call geisha in Kyoto) to be girl Yuriko. She is a maiko.. which is a geisha in training.. They are usually the more colorful ones you see. What gives them away are the red colars of their kimono's and they have a long obi instead of the square things that sit on the backs. (its the thing that ties around the waist and knots in the back..) Kina from DA made a girl to go with her..

Thats all for now.. =9 i must go look at the other artist around here.


er!n said...

I absolutely adore the way you draw hair. X3

spork said...

I second that. Kayiko is the queen of hair. D;